Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dogs of War Teaser

Here's a little teaser for last year's Nano novel, Dogs of War. I will be writing the sequel this year called Dogs of War: Havoc Dogs of War: Infiltration and hopefully book three of a trilogy next year.


It's been 15 years since the war ended in an unsteady truce. Lieutenant Commander William Barrett has been chosen to reestablish diplomatic relations with an enemy he knows for only two things: it's bloodthirsty culture, and the death of his father. What he finds will make him question all he thought he knew about the war... and risk destroying both sides when the fighting resumes.


The war began without warning 20 years ago. The Galactic League, an alliance of 15 human-occupied planets spanned over 40 light-years. League headquarters on Earth sent a convoy of supply ships, led by the GLS Arizona, to EarthStation 12, the least self-sufficient of all the colonies. The routine delivery never arrived at ES12. Instead, it was attacked by five warships from a recently discovered world, Canus. The Canine ships destroyed all 4 convoy ships, killing all aboard. It was three weeks before the ship's log from the lead ship was reconstructed and the identity of the attackers was known. The war that resulted lasted five years and nearly destroyed both species. By the time a cease-fire was negotiated, the Galactic League suffered over 10 million casualties. League Intelligence estimated that the Canines had lost similar numbers. The war was reaching a stalemate, guaranteeing years of prolonged bloodshed, until the Battle of EarthStation 4.
The war had reached a stalemate, virtually guaranteeing years of continued bloodshed on both sides. At EarthStation 4, Admiral Robert Barrett led an armada of 36 capital ships and dozens of smaller destroyers, frigates, and support ships. The Canines had brought nearly their entire fleet to ES4 in an attempt to break the stalemate. Their battle plan was to destroy the entire colony in an effort to force the Galactic League to surrender. Admiral Barrett, despite being outnumbered more than 2 to 1 kept the Canine fleet in space and away from the colony world. The battle lasted for 3 months and was the bloodiest battle of the entire war. Admiral Barrett destroyed 25 capital ships and more than 100 smaller Canine ships against a loss of only 5 capital ships and 7 support ships. The fighting skill of Barrett and his crew became an instant legend. Unfortunately, one of the 5 capital ships lost was Admiral Barrett's flagship, the GLS Nebula Fire.