Wednesday, May 7, 2014

IWSG: Where Do I Find the Time?

It's time for this month's posting for the Insecure Writers Support Group. This month is an extension of last month's topic of procrastination. Yet another month has passed without any meaningful writing getting done. Unless 27 blog posts counts. Does it? I know I have a bad habit of putting things off, especially my writing. Some of the reasons for that were covered last month. But sometimes, I get on the ball, set aside the distractions, and plan on getting some writing done, only to realize that I don't have time to do any writing. I have class on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I film for Torah Puppets on Wednesday night. I work Monday through Friday. Friday sundown to Saturday sundown is Sabbath, so no writing then. Sunday is yard work, plant sales, and visiting with the extended family. I teach at the synagogue at least once per month, plus another teaching for school. Plus I have a wife, four kids, two dogs, and a cat that want varying amounts of time and attention. When am I supposed to write? Do I take time away from family? Spend less time preparing my teachings and risk sacrificing quality? Or do I do the unspeakable and cut down on my TV time? Gasp! Twitch... shudder... painful moan.

I guess it's obvious what the solution is, but is it really fair to make a six year old mow a yard that big?