Monday, April 4, 2016

C - Crazy...

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge. This year I have decided to go themeless. Each day I will post about whatever topic pops into my head. The result of this spontaneity is anyone's guess. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

I know, I'm a little late posting this one today. I had all kinds of grand plans to have it written early and scheduled to post at midnight per usual. Obviously, that didn't happen. Why? Because life has a habit of getting crazy. As in crazy busy, crazy weird, or crazy awesome. Sometimes all of the above. So today, we're talking CRAZY!

Crazy busy - Yep, got that one covered. Sometimes. Other times I just don't feel like doing everything that I have to do. I can admit it. And yes, I feel guilty about it afterwards. Sometimes, not always.

So, how busy? Let's see. Work at 40+ hours per week. Teaching at the synagogue at least twice per month. Running the services at the synagogue each week. Planning special events at the synagogue, such as Passover. (Coming up in 18 days!) Helping to home school four children. Raising chickens (15 right now, plus 20 more later this week.) Filming and co-writing (when I have time to do so) episodes of the ever popular web show Torah Puppets. Mowing and other maintenance of seven acres. What were we thinking when we bought this place? Took the kids to a birthday party at the zoo yesterday. Six hours outside in Oklahoma springtime sunshine. Yep, I'm extra crispy today. Oh, and attempting to keep the blog updated and telling myself that I will get back to my writing at some point. I really need to get back to the writing. I guess that about covers it, so let's move on.

Crazy weird - Kids... need I say more? Just kidding, they're great, but they can definitely be weird. I'm not sure whether to be proud or scared that can understand about half of what they say.

Also, animals. We have two dogs that randomly bark at themselves in the middle of the night. One will wake up and bark - usually at her own tail, foot, ears, or whatever. That will get the other one to wake up and bark because the first one did. The first one then barks louder at whatever the second one is barking at. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Did I mention chickens? Well apparently my second daughter is the chicken whisperer. If we need to get them back into their pen, she just has to call them and they will gather around her. They will follow her anywhere she leads. She will also usually be carrying one of them like a baby as she wanders the yard. They love it.

Although the weirdest animal situation is that I am the turtle whisperer. We have two red-eared sliders. The older one, Lance, is very skittish around most people. When we have to take her out of the tank to clean it, she panics a little. She tries to bite people and will scratch everyone pretty badly while trying to escape the clutches of the scary giant creatures holding her. Unless I talk to her. Then she relaxes and will extend her head and neck far out of her shell to allow me to pet her neck. It even works if she hears my voice on the phone. I just tell it, I don't explain it. Crazy weird.

Crazy awesome - Actually, this section is just about things with Crazy in the name that I like. First is Crazy Life, the first major label album by country a capella group, Home Free. I've mentioned them here before. If you haven't checked them out yet, what are you waiting for? They're awesome. We saw them in concert last year in Oklahoma City. We're seeing them again in twenty days in Tulsa. Can't wait. They put on an amazing show.

Second, just for fun, is Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Why? Cause it's just that awesome.