Thursday, April 2, 2015

B - ?? and the Answer to A

It's day two of the A to Z Challenge and that means we start with the letter B today. And of course, we get the name of yesterday's movie.

Yesterday's answer:  Aliens

Let's get to our B movie. I'll admit this one is pretty easy. Some of them this month will be harder, so I'm kinda throwing everyone a bone today.

This movie would never be made today. With its irreverent humor and biting satire, no studio would be willing to risk it. Unfortunately, most moviegoers today would have difficulty understanding the writer/director's method of taking humor to the extreme to point out the absurdity of the subject matter. The movie lambastes racism and bigotry while managing to make us laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it all. Fun for the sake of being fun, stupid for the sake of being more fun.

Characters - Bart and Jim
Bart is the very definition of "fish out of water". Roped into a situation that is way beyond his control, Bart is set up to fail from the beginning. Despite the odds, he manages to come out ahead in the end through superior wit and cunning.

Jim is just patiently waiting to die an alcoholic's death before getting a new purpose as Bart's plucky sidekick. Will he regain the confidence to be the Waco Kid once again?

"Hey, where da white women at?" (If that doesn't give it away, you've never seen the movie.)

See you tomorrow with the answer.