Saturday, April 18, 2015

P - For the Best Character Name of All Time

Welcome to day sixteen of the A to Z Challenge. If you're here for the first time or if you've forgotten already, this year's theme is movies! I am posting a quote, a character or two, and a brief synopsis of a movie for each letter. You then get to guess the movie in the comments. Answers will be revealed in the following day's post.

Answer to O: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Today we have the guilty pleasure of guilty pleasures. This movie is, by all reasonable standards, terrible. The plot is simplistic and obvious. There are no surprises. The acting is OK at best (with one significant exception.) The action is over the top. It is quite simply a turn-off-your-brain-and-enjoy-the-ridiculous-awesomeness type of a movie. I've seen it many times.

Robots fight monsters. Who wins? The audience. As stated above, just turn off your brain and enjoy.

"Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!" - See today's character.

Idris Luther Heimdall Elba himself as Marshall Stacker Pentecost. If there is a better character name, I haven't run across it yet. Elba brings his A game as always. I'm not sure which is the best part of the movie; Idris Elba, the in your face action, or the special effects. But since I'm pretty sure Heimdall can kick my butt, I'll say he wins.

Anyone else love to just shut down the cranial power plant for a couple of hours and just enjoy? Let's hear about it in the comments.