Friday, April 3, 2015

C - What Can It Be?

Answer to B: Blazing Saddles!

Both A and B were pretty easy for some folks. Today, we up the difficulty a little. As usual, post your guesses in the comments.

"We're here to preserve democracy, not to practice it." - Captain Frank Ramsay

Captain Frank Ramsay is a no-nonsense kinda captain who believes in the imperial captaincy. His rule is law and every order is to be obeyed without question. He's old school in a new school Navy.

Lt. Commander Ron Hunter is a new school officer of the nuclear Navy. He believes in the "why" of an order as much as the "what." Every bit as strong-willed as his captain, he is willing go stand up for his convictions, regardless of the cost.

What happens when two officers both try to follow orders (and the law) from two different interpretations? When both are right and both are wrong, the strongest will is likely to emerge victorious.

Until tomorrow, guess away!