Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M - Movie Time!

Welcome to day thirteen of the A to Z Challenge. If you're here for the first time or if you've forgotten already, this year's theme is movies! I am posting a quote, a character or two, and a brief synopsis of a movie for each letter. You then get to guess the movie in the comments. Answers will be revealed in the following day's post.

Answer to L: The Last Starfighter

Today we look at the letter M. This one has some of the best chemistry between the main actors of any movie I've ever seen. So let's get on with the clues.

John - His job is boring but pays well. His marriage is boring and predictable. He's lying about one and completely wrong about the other.

Jane - She's a corporate executive who never takes work home. Her marriage (to John) is boring and predictable. She's lying about one and completely wrong about the other. Sound familiar?

"Mom! We are on high alert here. I almost killed you right then! You do not even realize!" - Vince Vaughn

The character descriptions really give the synopsis of the movie as much as possible without spoilers or making it so blatantly obvious my cat can guess the answer. So that's all you get this time. Have fun.