Monday, April 8, 2013

G - Guns

Guns, guns, guns. There, now we've weeded out the readers who have wet themselves and run away crying. If you're still reading, you are either interested in guns, or you can at least hear or read about them without panicking and descending into gibbering hysteria.

I am not a gun-nut, Rambo wannabe, anti-government zealot, or any other appellation used by hoplophobes in an attempt to denigrate gun owners. I am simply a husband and father who chooses to take responsibility for the protection of his family. Besides, I like shooting. It's fun. It can also be a useful skill when those dad-burned bucktooth varmints keep trying to eat all the plants in the yard, garden, and barn. I hate rabbits! Is it obvious?

I learned to shoot at the tender age of four. I didn't shoot anything close to regularly until I was in my mid thirties. Since then, I've bought four guns and sold one. I'm still looking to buy a few more, but prices and availability these days are less than ideal. I finally got my wife interested in having her own gun. We set aside the money from this year's tax refund to get one. Then we went shopping for the gun she wanted. (She found one she liked last year.) Guess what? No one has them in stock. Can they get them? Maybe. WILL they get them? Maybe. Will it cost more than it did last year? Definitely! Oh well. Prices will come down eventually. Right?