Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U - Unusual

I'll admit it. I'm unusual. I'm fine with that. I got married at age 19 to my 18 year old fiancee. Almost 22 years later, we're still married. I have four kids, while most people today have one or two. I own guns and love to shoot them, but I've never hunted a day in my life. I am an ultra-conservative that writes Sci-fi novels for fun. (I'm currently unpublished, but that will change.) I am a pilot that hasn't flown in 18 years. I carry a gun on a daily basis, but I've never shot anyone or even considered shooting someone, even when they cut me off in traffic.

Oh wait, that isn't unusual. That makes me just like 99+% of all gun owners in America. Especially those with a carry permit. So scratch that off the unusual list.

The thing that makes me most unusual to people I know is that I'm Messianic. Not Messianic Jewish. As far as I know, I am not Jewish at all. However, I believe in and follow the Torah and the rest of the "Old Testament", or Tanakh. I also believe in and follow Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and the "New Testament" or B'rit Chadasha. This makes me stand out at work or in many social situations. Keeping the Sabbath on Saturday and eating kosher (biblical, not rabbinic) will definitely make you noticeable. Especially when you tell your boss you won't work when he says he needs everyone to come in on Saturday to move equipment. As my co-workers have gotten used to my work and dietary restrictions (no pepperoni on my pizza, please!), I haven't felt as odd. Until I try to visit Messianic websites from my work computer. There's just something strange about seeing them blocked and categorized as "Non-standard religions, folklore, or cults."

Unusual indeed. But that's how I like it. Besides, turkey pepperoni is better for you anyway. Shalom!