Thursday, April 11, 2013

J - Journey

As I tried to decide what to write for the letter J, the word "journey" kept popping into my mind. I decided that a short missive about this journey through life upon which we all embark would be an interesting topic for a blog entry. I considered discussing life as a metaphor for a journey wherein we have no control over where it starts, but we ultimately get to choose much of the path. While some things cause detours that are beyond our control, the primary path is based on choices we make, for good or for bad. These are some of the thoughts that journeyed through my brain as I considered writing this. But then something else jumped in and pushed those thoughts to the side...

I got Journey songs stuck in my head. That's right, Steve Perry and the boys are putting on a concert inside my brain and they've decided to do multiple encores. It started with the classic "Don't Stop Believin'". That inevitably led to the driving sounds of "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)". From there the concert continued into the slow section with "Faithfully" and "Open Arms". Finally, things returned to the more upbeat melodies of "Any Way You Want It" and "Wheel in the Sky". It's been a fascinating journey through the catalog of Journey.

Now, I'll admit, I like Journey. Some of their music just makes you feel good and gets your toes tapping. I even sometimes enjoy humming a Journey tune or singing along to myself as one occassionally plays in my head like my own internal Spotify soundtrack. What I don't like is Journey stuck in my brain, setting up their full stage show with guitars, amplifiers, microphones, drums, and wires everywhere. You know after that kind of setup, they don't plan to leave until they've done the full show! Oh well. I guess I'll just sit back and listen and maybe tap my toes a little. I'll try to refrain from singing along so my coworkers don't have any further proof of mental instability.

I must conclude this posting with at least an attempt at returning to the original topic. I'm reminded of a great line from the movie "Cool Runnings": Peace be the journey!