Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N - Northumbria

Northumbria?! Huh? Why in the world would anyone use up valuable(?) blog space writing about a medieval  kingdom that has little to no relevance to anyone living or working in my lovely locale of rural Oklahoma? Easy. I started typing this while watching Vikings on History Channel.

The titular vikings are systematically invading Northumbria in Northern England and Southern Scotland. I'll admit that prior to watching this show, if someone asked me the location of Northumbria, I would have guessed Middle-earth or Narnia. Just kidding, I knew it was in England somewhere. But it sounds like something from Tolkien or C.S. Lewis doesn't it?

Narnia! Why didn't I use that for N? That should have been my topic. I like Narnia much better than Northumbria. No offense to any Northumbrians who may happen to read this blog. (Somehow I doubt there will be many of them.) If I had chosen Narnia, I could mention the whole Chronicles of Narnia books by C.S. Lewis. Or the series of movies. I could talk about metaphors and the not quite but almost allegorical nature of the stories and their relation to the Bible. I could go on for pages about Aslan the Lion. In my opinion, one of the greatest characters in all of literature.

Thats it! N is for Narnia. Northumbria, you're out!