Monday, April 15, 2013

M - Movies

Movies: some are good, some are bad. Some make you feel good about yourself and about life, some make you wish you had two hours of your life back. I think we've all seen examples of each. I watched three movies this weekend that covered just about every area.

Wreck It Ralph - I wasn't sure what to expect going into this one. I had only seen a couple of previews that really didn't tell anything about the movie. Overall, it was better than I expected. Not the best animated movie I've seen lately, but not the worst either. The kids enjoyed it and it had moments that were amusing. I'll admit, it was one of the more original ideas for a movie I've seen in quite a while. Would I recommend someone renting this one? Yes I would. It's a fun family movie that will not have you running the kids out of the room or yourself wishing you were out of the room.

Skyfall - Best Bond ever! If you like James Bond movies, you will love Skyfall. If you don't necessarily care either way about Bond movies, but you like a good action movie with a plot, you will love Skyfall. This one did a very good job of making up for the disaster that was Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig and Judi Dench were absolutely superb in this one. The chemistry between these two is amazing. You really feel the complicated relationship between M and 007. For the first time in the Daniel Craig era, you get to see the human side of M. I enjoyed this one immensely and highly recommend it.

Flight - While I didn't quite wish I had my two hours back, there were definitely moments where I almost turned off the movie. It was nothing at all like I expected from seeing the previews. The only thing in the movie that wasn't completely different than my preconceived notions was the crash. That looked just like it did in the trailers. Being a Denzel Washington movie, I expected something much better. Overall, a disappointment. I wouldn't recommend this one to anyone.

That was my weekend of movie watching. Normally, I don't watch that many recent movies, but I had discount codes from Redbox, so we decided to use them for a change. Usually, we watch movies we've recorded on the DVR during the free preview weekends of HBO, Showtime, etc. Best one I've seen lately? How to Train Your Dragon. I don't know why, but I just love this movie. I've seen it close to a dozen times in the last three months. If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to do so. You won't regret it.

Sometimes, I pull out the DVDs I already own and watch one. Most recent? Lord of the Rings. As discussed in my last post, I love this whole trilogy. The other movie I rewatch lately is the Star Trek reboot. I have that one on my Ipod and watch it often. Another strong recommendation. Can't wait for the sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. Getting giddy for that one.

That's all I have to say about movies for now. Maybe I'll do some more recommendations and/or critiques in the future. We'll see. For now, I need sleep.