Friday, April 4, 2014

D - Dirty Turn Darling

A to Z Challenge Theme - Music I love, hate, and love to hate (or hate to love).

It's D-Day at the A to Z Challenge. So let's get started with today's list.

I had a hard time narrowing this one down. I thought about Dokken, one of the great hair bands of the '80s. Or Def Leppard, a Hall of Fame band if there ever was one. How about Darling Violetta? Lesser known, unless you are a hardcore Buffy and Angel fan. Then you'll know them for the Angel theme song in this post. So I'll just stick with today's band I love, Disciple. Disciple is a Christian rock band that's been around since the 90's. They have been able to do what few bands could. They have managed to change musical styles to stay current while still maintaining their own distinct sound. One of their best songs just happens to also start with D. Dear X (You Don't Know Me)

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Why do I hate this song so much? Well, if you read my A post, you'll have a pretty good idea. I am not an AC/DC fan at all. I don't like listening to any of their music, but this song just annoys me to no end. The less said about this one, the better.

Hate to Love
Don't Turn Around (Ace of Base) - This again links back to my A post. Man points are going negative at this point, but I just love this song. It's one of those few songs that get stuck in my head without driving me insane. This song was popular when I was in college. Back then, it was a little more acceptable to admit to liking it, even if you aren't of the fairer sex. Today? Not so much. But it will be our little secret, right?