Monday, April 7, 2014

F - I'm Free... Aaghhh!

After two posts having trouble narrowing things down, I actually had quite a bit of trouble with the letter F. It took a while to come up with something for each category. Of course, after I finalized my choices, I began to think of others that would also work, but that's how it goes sometimes. Oh well.

Faith No More - This one makes the list on the strength of one song; Epic. In fact, that's the only song of theirs that I can name. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the only song anyone can name. But, when one is that good and becomes such an instant classic, do you need more?

Free Fallin' (Tom Petty) - I am not a fan of Tom Petty. I don't think I have ever liked more than one of his songs. Most, I just don't care about one way or the other. But Free Fallin' just bugs me. It sounds like a bag of cats trying to serenade an irritated wolverine. While drinking. Heavily.

Hate to Love
Fighter (Christina Aguilera) - OK, at this point I'm hemorrhaging man points. Before this challenge, I didn't realize just how many songs I like that are less than manly. Oh well, it's too late to deny it now. I like this song. It's the best song Christina's had since Genie in a Bottle.

Any other F songs or bands like can name? Let me know in the comments.