Saturday, April 5, 2014

E - Eagle Eyes

If you are here visiting from the A to Z Challenge, welcome! today's letter, as you well know, is E. If you are not visiting from the A to Z Challenge, welcome! For an explanation of the challenge, go here.

Here we go with E.

Enya, no wait... Evanescence, no... Enter Sandman! Just like yesterday's post, I had trouble narrowing it down to just one answer for this one. Enya is great when you just want to chill out and relax. Mellow music for escaping the hectic, frantic, stressful normality of the typical day. Evanescence... strangely NOT the opposite. How can a band with such grinding guitars and slamming drums still be relaxing? I don't get it, but I'm not complaining. I can listen to them for hours. What about when I don't want to relax? That's what Enter Sandman is for. A permanent fixture on the list of greatest Metallica songs. Try to listen to it without getting your groove on. I don't care if you like Metallica or not, you gotta love that intro.

The Eagles - Who decided that the Eagles were a good band? Who inflicted this auditory debacle on mainstream America? Similar to my hate for A, I don't get the popularity. And Hotel California? WTF, mate?! Pardon my language. That song eats my brain and uncovers the inner animal... and the outer animal. And every other animal that wants to destroy whatever is making that unnatural demon-howl.

Hate to Love
Eyes Without a Face (Billy Idol) - It just ain't right! No one should enjoy a song that creepy. But I do. I don't know why. Watching the video just makes it worse. I like Billy Idol, but there are so many reasons to dislike this song. But I can't. I love it. Maybe I heard it while in animal mode after listening to the Eagles and it imprinted onto my inner mindless beast. It's as good an explanation as any, I guess.

What songs or artists do you love, hate, and love to hate (or hate to love)? Let me know in the comments.