Saturday, April 26, 2014

W - Wake Up Weird Willie

Welcome to day W of the A to Z Challenge. What music will we be loving and hating today? Maybe everyone will have fun tonight. Or we could be going where the down boys go. It might be something else completely different. The suspense is killing me! Who could it be? Read on and find out.

Wake Me Up (Avicii, Home Free) - This one's a twofer. This is a rare song where the original and a cover reach equal status. I love the electronica original by Avicii (with Aloe Blacc). It's a great juxtaposition of Aloe's mellow singing style with Avicii's powerful dance music.

Home Free making a pure a capella version of an electronic dance song and adding their country flair sounds like all the necessary ingredients for a train wreck. But, it's Home Free. They do everything surprisingly well, including this song. I think it's one of their best. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Willie Nelson - Why do people listen to Willie? Granted, he's a good songwriter, but has anyone ever had more twang? I was taught all my life that you should not sing through your nose. Willie sounds like he's singing through his nose, the guitarist's nose, and most of the noses of the front row of the audience. He's made millions and been invited to dinner with multiple Presidents. I write a blog complaining about his voice. I think he won this round.

Hate to Love
Weird Al Yankovic - Because seriously, how can you admit to being a fan and not have the nerd label permanently tattooed to your forehead (metaphorically speaking)? If you admit to liking Weird Al, people will immediately assume that you really are White and Nerdy and hang out at the Star Wars Cantina. So yeah. I hate to love Weird Al. (But I still want a Segway!)

My apologies to Wang Chung, Warrant, and Winger. They were finalists, but they didn't quite make the cut. Maybe next time. What music does the letter W bring to your mind? And do you have a Segway you want to sell cheap?