Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H - Home is a Place in California?

At this point, I've pretty much given up on having any man points left by the end of the month. I've given out too many dirty secrets about liking chick songs, so I might as well continue that today. But first, I must get to the Love and Hate categories. I could have listed many different H bands for Love: Heart, Hootie and the Blowfish, Huey Lewis & the News. OK, where are all the manly bands that start with H? Seriously! How about songs? Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue, Heaven's On Fire by KISS, Here by VAST. Yeah, that's better. But, none of these made the top of the list. Here we go.

Home Free - Winners of season 4 of The Sing-Off, Home Free is (as far as I know) the world's first a cappella country group. I know what you're thinking. A cappella AND country? Can I also get a lobotomy AND dysentery? But wait, don't judge it 'til you've heard it. We watched The Sing-Off this year for the first time, just because it came on after another show we were watching and I was too tired to change the channel. (True story.) We watched a few groups and were mildly impressed. Then we saw Home Free. Whoa. Turns out they've been around a while, but never really got beyond a small following and lots and lots of cruise ship performances and county fairs. That's changed now. As if the $100,000 and a recording contract and huge exposure weren't enough, they also got my two daughters as their number 1a and 1b fans. Don't ask me which is which, I have no idea. They call themselves Home Free Freaks, or Home Freaks for short. In fact, my older daughter is blogging about them today. Check it out here. When I get home from work everyday, I can be sure I'm going to hear Home Free playing somewhere in the house. Every, single, day. And you know what? I'm OK with that. 'Cause Home Free is awesome.

Hotel California (The Eagles) - You want to run me out of a room, store, county, or spatial plane? Start playing this song. I have literally left a store because this song started playing over the PA system. Every song or band I've listed so far this month pales in comparison to the soul-rending journey of despair that I trudge whenever I hear this unholy life-sucking musical catastrophe. Are you getting an idea of how much I hate this song? Just a little? Multiply that by 10.

Hate to Love
Heaven is a Place on Earth (Belinda Carlisle) - I really do have testosterone, I swear! Thank goodness I'm already married with children, cause this challenge would definitely kill my chances of getting a date.

And that does it for today's music that I love, hate, and love to hate (or hate to love). What will tomorrow bring? Will man points continue to flee the area like harp seals running from a walrus? Will you find a band or song that you love as much as a walrus loves a big fish and seal buffet? Will I stop using the word walrus so much? I don't know. Come back tomorrow and see.