Friday, April 25, 2014

V - Village en Vogue

It's V day in the A to Z Challenge. So let's see what we've got for today's music I love, hate, and love to hate (or hate to love). It's a good day for loving music. I've got two for you this time. Along with a first for the theme; a love to hate and a hate to love in the same post.

VAST - I first heard Visual Audio Sensory Theater, or VAST, when the song Here was used in the previews for the show Angel back in 1999. I think that and Free are the best songs he's had. That's right, I said he. VAST is primarily Jon Crosby recording all the instrumental tracks and vocals. He uses session artists for live performances. Listen to some of his music and you'll see what an impressive accomplishment it is.

Velvet Chain - Velvet Chain is known primarily as a club band in LA. They achieved their greatest fame after appearing on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and being included on the show's soundtrack. My favorite songs are Strong and Treason.

Vogue (Madonna) - I'm not a Madonna fan. I think she's only had a couple of decent songs, so I don't really listen to much of her music or generally care much. This song, though, is irritating. The video was just as bad. I thought for sure it would end her career, but no such luck. Oh well.

Love to Hate
Village People - I hate the Village People. Really. I do. I don't ever listen to any of their music. Especially YMCA and In the Navy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. You can't prove otherwise. (No, you can't look at my iPod.)

Hate to Love
Vengeance Rising - I love the music of Vengeance Rising. Christian thrash metal at its finest. Their first two albums included brutal guitars and drums and lyrics with a strong Biblical basis. The singing was once described as sounding "like someone gargling razor blades." The songs Human Sacrifice and Mulligan's Stew are good examples. Check them out sometime. But not right before bed. Trust me.

Anyone else listen to VAST, Velvet Chain, or Vengeance Rising? Who did I miss for the letter V? Let me know. And stay away from my iPod.